• Baby 2 In 1 Nursing Diaper Bag With travel Sleeping Bag, Kids Bag

    Product details of Baby 2 In 1 Nursing Diaper Bag With travel Sleeping Bag

    • EASY TO CARRY – Whether it’s for a weekend trip or a daytime seaside vacation, this travel backpack is a perfect accessory. It can be easily converted into a baby travel bed and dressing room, so you can easily enjoy your business.
    • MAXIMUM COMFORT – A relaxed baby backpack provides maximum comfort and, unlike the baby travel cot, it can be easily converted into a storage bag.
    • Wide Accommodation: The diaper bag has the maximum storage capacity, which can store baby bottles, diapers, toys, clothes, rags and other necessary baby items.
    • Meeting all needs: Making sure your baby has everything he needs is your first priority as a parent. This includes choosing the best diaper bag. This convertible portable baby bed provides a protective cover for you and your little baby. Quickly and easily meet babies’ changing needs for sleeping, feeding and play time.
    • Versatile Use: This 4-in-1 baby diaper bag is an essential for every parent. It can be used as a travel bed, diaper pad, stroller organizer, spacious internal space, and travel cot. With a convenient pocket, more things can be accommodated in a stylish school backpack
    • Travel Bed approx. size length- 70CM (+- 5 cm) and Breadth 32 cm(+- 5cm). When Fully Opened.
     2,099.00 3,000.00

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